We address behavioral issues, using positive, gentle methods to get even the most sensitive or stubborn dogs to respond with tail-wagging results.


We are one of the largest training and boarding facilities in Texas, and known nation-wide for our proven techniques and accomplishments.


Our training earns the trust and respect of the dogs through the patient, consistent, and orderly presentation of our techniques.


We are family-owned and operated, and proud of our accident free and award-winning record of training and rehabilitating hundreds of dogs.

Gentle methods that get proven results. This is not your local pet-store obedience training. We have incorporated our proven competitive hunting techniques with those that are geared for companion dogs. Please ask about our numerous references.
  • Tim Marshall
    Tim Marshall Owner and Head Trainer

    As an accomplished, award-winning Master Dog Trainer and dog behaviorist for the last three decades, Tim Marshall is renowned for achieving amazing behavioral transformations in even the most extreme dog behavior cases, with positive changes seen in just minutes.

    In his pursuit of dog training he has learned positive dog training methods, understood the vital importance of breed specific knowledge, and explored the exciting new field of dog/animal psychology.

  • Roy
    Roy Trainer

    Having worked with over 200 different dogs in the north Texas area, Roy is dedicated in his pursuit of teaching owners how to communicate with and befriend their K-9 companions.

    He believes that the key to any happy relationship with an animal is to understand how they think and feel, and through that understanding open up communication between owner and animal.  Roy uses gentle, yet effective, disciplinary methods.

We are now taking reservations for boarding and our Board and Train programs for the summer vacation season.
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